4 reasons to use a business VPN

As we work remotely and are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, many security experts believe that a business VPN is an absolute necessity. So, what is a business VPN and why is it useful for businesses?

Normally, your data is vulnerable to interception, but when you connect to the Internet through a VPN, your data is sent through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This makes it a lot more difficult for third parties to gain access. But there are even more reasons why using a VPN can make your online work more enjoyable.

1. Prevent a data breach with a business VPN

Companies operating within the EU have the duty to protect the personal data of their customers and visitors. This has consequences at almost all levels of the work process. With the effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many companies have adapted their privacy policies. They are now making sure that their systems no longer track certain data.

But despite you having arranged this properly, it is always possible that a data breach will occur because cyber criminals have hacked your company. For example, by breaking in to your internet connection. You can prevent this with a VPN. A VPN encrypts the Internet connection, making sure no one can spy on your company messages, emails, receipts, or even office memes.

2. Work at any desired location

Nowadays, we work at different locations, such as at the office, at home, an Internet cafe, or at a customer.

This creates security problems for companies around the world. Wifi at home and public networks are always vulnerable to exploitation. Without protection, sensitive information can easily be stolen, leading to loss of confidential or customer data.

With the use of a VPN, not only your connection is encrypted so that no one can access it. It is also possible to set up your office network in such a way that you always have access to your network with the VPN, even if you are not at the office. This way, you can work at any desired location and have secured access to all your company data.

3. Enjoy the free worldwide web

Don’t limit yourself to the border, do business everywhere. With a VPN you can choose from which location you connect. This way, you can use the Internet from the Netherlands as if you were in Asia or the USA.

Access to foreign markets to test or evaluate campaigns is crucial for marketing and growth. With a VPN, you can reach global markets as if you were local. This enables market research for the viability of your business or targeted campaigns.

It is of course also possible that you or your colleagues have to travel a lot for work and not all countries are as open with the Internet as we are used to here. With a VPN you can also simulate that you are in the Netherlands and you have access to services such as Facebook and Google.

4. Prevention is no longer enough

Traditional antivirus software, firewalls and other security tools are losing the battle agains cyber criminals. Nowadays, cyber criminals know exactly what to do to evade the traditional measures and get in anyway.

Clicking on a wrong link, installing the wrong program and then having malware or ransomware in the company network. These are simple actions, but we see that most security incidents arise from human actions. Sometimes innocent and solvable, but sometimes with significant consequences for the entire organisation.

Our VPN is more than just a VPN. We are the only provider that also analyses your secure connection. We continuously scan whether threats are passing through the tunnel and immediately notify you when a risk is detected. Read more about our Cyber Alarm here.

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