A safe online workplace inside and outside the office.

We are the only solution that scan your encrypted internet connection for online threats. Therefore, you are safe and have insight into all the the internet traffic within your company. We are the solution that ensures a safe online workplace. Besides, we are completely AVG and GDPR proof.

Work safe outside the office.

GOOSE Business encrypts your internet connection by means of a VPN, Virtual Private Network.

A VPN creates a tunnel between the internet and the device. This tunnel is completely encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted access or visibility in the network. You can enjoy full protection and anonymity of all internet traffic.

Prevent ransomeware.

Our Cyber Alarm analyses all internet traffic in the secured connection and immediately gives a notification for potential risks, such as malware, ransomware or viruses.

By analysing all the traffic, unwanted traffic can be discovered immediately. Compare it to a burglar alarm at home or at the office.

Act directly.

Due to real-time detection with the Cyber Alarm, the right measure can be taken immediately. For example, it is possible to send alarm messages to your IT staff as well. This allows an expert to immediately investigate why the alarm is triggered and deal with it before it is too late.

Flow Alarm support

Prevention is better than cure.

Putting out fires is a thing of the past. GOOSE Business is the only VPN solution that detects security risks, such as malware, and reports them before it reaches your device.

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The solution for a safe online workplace

Secure connection

Real-time insight into online threats.

Comply with the AVG/GDPR.

Weekly reports.

Immediate improvement of IT security

Easy use & installation

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