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We want to make the online society as safe as possible for everyone, wherever you are. That’s why we have easy-to-use products. In this way, the threshold to use the product is low, and safety is optimal.

Simple and safe

My name is Joeri van de Watering and I am the founder of GOOSE VPN. GOOSE VPN was founded in 2016 as the first and only Dutch VPN provider, to give back control over online existence. Despite the risks and dangers of the Internet, there were only a few easy solutions available. We have changed that with GOOSE VPN. More than 200.000 users worldwide have already used GOOSE VPN.

More and more often it was asked whether we also had a solution available for the business market. This is how GOOSE Business was born. In collaboration with partners and customers, we have further developed GOOSE VPN with additional functionalities, so that it meets the needs at the office and outside the office.

For everyone, by the Dutch

You will notice in everything that we are traditionally Dutch. Our support is available 7 days a week. We keep close contact with the market, in order to ensure that our product connects to all users in the right way. And we don’t like high prices either.

Transparent and personal

We understand very well that you want to know who is behind the company through which all your data goes. After all, we are talking about your data. You don’t want to just have that out on the street somewhere. We are therefore transparent, personal and reliable, as you would expect from your cyber security partner.

What our customers say

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