Cyber Alarm
Your online smoke alarm

Where there’s smoke, there is fire. Is file sharing taking place or has malware been detected? These are possible risks that we provide insight into with the Cyber Alarm.

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Cyber Alarm notefication

Prevention alone is no longer enough.

Traditional antivirus software, firewalls and other security tools are losing the battle against cybercriminals. Nowadays, cyber criminals know exactly what to do to evade the traditional measures and get in anyway.

Clicking on a wrong link, installing the wrong program and then having malware or ransomware in the company network. These are simple actions, but we see that most security incidents arise from human actions. Sometimes innocent and solvable, but sometimes with significant consequences for the entire organisation.

Real-time detection

By analysing all the traffic, unwanted traffic can be discovered immediately. New threats are processed in the Cyber Alarm every 15 minutes and your network traffic is compared with them. After an alarm correct measures can be taken before it is too late.

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Ultieme surveillance

Traditional measures often react too late or not at all. By monitoring everything with the Cyber Alarm, nothing is overlooked. This way, the right measures can be taken immediately.

Immediate notification

You internet traffic is continuously analysed and compared with our online database that consists of millions of viruses, malware and other online threats. Does the Cyber Alarm detect a potential risk? Then you will receive a notification immediately.

Continuous insight

With the Cyber Alarm dashboard you are immediately informed. In addition to the direct notifications, you will receive a weekly summary of what has been seen on your network.

Security doesn’t have to be difficult

We do the triage for these reports, so that we can categorise the alarm and send the correct urgency. This happens automatically, so that you are immediately notified of a threat and can see the details in the Cyber Alarm dashboard.

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